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Mar 2, 2015
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Spread the Word to End the Word -Hartland/Lakeside School District

Students and Community will be able to sign a Banner and the on-line pledge as well as receive promotional items.
For more information
Julie Van Zeeland
Phone :262-370-4908
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Hartland/Lakeside School District
800 E. North Shore Drive

Hartland, Wisconsin

Mar 3 - 5 2015

R-word Campaign Week

In the first week of March, Special Olympics at UCLA is partnering with Best Buddies at UCLA to host the R-word Campaign, which aims to encourage Bruins to end their use of the R-word (retard or retarded) in their everyday speech. The campaign is a week-long series of events, with rallies on Bruin Plaza on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a professional panel on Thursday evening. We will be inviting Bruins to pledge to end the R-word by signing their name on our "Spread the word to End the word" banner, passing out pledge cards, wristbands and pens, and inviting speakers like Special Olympics Southern California President and CEO Bill Shumard to talk about how the r-word has affected their lives and how to end the stigma against people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
For more information
Tabitha Lin
Phone :562-964-5671
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Bruin Plaza
Bruin Plaza

Los Angeles, California

Mar 3, 2015
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Santa Barbara High School R-Word Rally

As a Project UNIFY school, Santa Barbara High School will host an R-Word Pledge Drive and Rally to gather support before the national day of awareness on March 4th. The signatures they collect during their rally will be displayed the following day on Wednesday, March 4th at the Santa Barbara Courthouse pledge drive hosted by Special Olympics Santa Barbara and other local organizations.
For more information
Michelle Duke
Phone :805-884-1516
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Santa Barbara High School
700 E Anapamu St Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Santa Barbara, California


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  • Since when do people think there is any kind of "normal" in this world? Nothing and no one is "normal" because our entire planet is extraordinary. This word ends here.


    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    63 hours ago

  • I pledge to support RESPECT by pledging to be a friend and an advocate to individuals with IDD. I will not use the derogatory r-word and support including all individ...


    Maria Garcia

    Amarillo, TX , Texas
    64 hours ago

  • Today in a meeting I used the word, without a thought in the world, and wound up offending and upsetting someone who I deeply respect. My consciousness is raised. I a...


    Michelle Goldstein-Roman

    Scarsdale, New York
    80 hours ago

  • I have been so blessed with incredible friends who happen to have mental handicaps. They have showed me how to truly love one another, and their disabilities should never...



    Grayslake, Illinois
    509 hours ago

  • With a brother who has Down-Syndrome, it's hard for me to hear people say "retard." It might just be that I'm sensitive about it, but I pledge to support the elimination...



    Beaverton, Oregon
    528 hours ago

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