For Russell

YouTube user RayMay52 posted this powerful video to her channel in support of her brother.  Here is the video information as displayed on the channel:For Russell.And yes, I'm aware I spell retarded wrong.

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  • I have been so blessed with incredible friends who happen to have mental handicaps. They have showed me how to truly love one another, and their disabilities should never...



    Grayslake, Illinois
    429 hours ago

  • With a brother who has Down-Syndrome, it's hard for me to hear people say "retard." It might just be that I'm sensitive about it, but I pledge to support the elimination...



    Beaverton, Oregon
    448 hours ago

  • My 16 year old daughter made me super proud recently when asked to critique a high school teacher....she simple told him to find a better word for stupid then the r-word...


    KIm Middleton

    La Grande, Oregon
    486 hours ago

  • I pledge to support the kids and adults who are intellectually disabled. If I hear someone say retarded then I will try and stop it immediatly. This pledge is very specia...


    Riley Johnson

    Gorham, Maine, Maine
    555 hours ago

  • There is no need for this word to be used in a derogatory manner. I pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promot...



    Lexington, Kentucky
    885 hours ago

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