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December 05, 2016 | North America: Oklahoma


By Leslie herrin

My brother Mitchell has Downs syndrome and is a super amazing person!View Story ▼My brother Mitchell has Downs syndrome. He is a super amazing person! I remember playing on the teeter as children and holding his hand at school and making sure no one pushed him around on the play ground. I have watched him tie his shoe like all the other kids at school. I have done Special Olympics, buddy walk, and listened to him tell me stories and watched him grow as a brother and a person for years. There is not a day he doesn't amaze me. Mitchell -- I love you and you have my heart!

About Leslie herrin:Just a big sister
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December 02, 2016 | North America: Arkansas

I Wouldn't Change a Thing About My Son

By Elizabeth Gimre

My son has Autism, Global Delay, and ADHD. But that is not who he is.View Story ▼My great Aunt's mental capacity was stuck at 7, even though she lived to be 86. She taught me to see past someone's disability, and see the person for who they really are. This is what has helped me to teach others to do the same, as well as help my son. My son has Autism, Global Delay, and ADHD. But that is not who he is. He is a loving caring child, who puts others before himself. He is a protector of others and stops bullies at his school. He has been called defective and told he should not live. While this devastated me, he took it with stride. He told me the person who said that did not really know him, or they wouldn't have said it. He is amazing, and I wouldn't change one thing about him.

About Elizabeth Gimre:
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November 29, 2016 | North America: Washington

Dyslexic and Bullied

By addy or lune

when I was in first to fourth grade, I was bullied a lot for having dyslexia.View Story ▼When I was in first to fourth grades, I was bullied a lot for having dyslexia and for being friends with other kids with disabilities. I was going to a special ed class every day, but in 5th grade I switched schools. In my new school, I have people with disabilities who are accepted for being themselves. I am in 7th grade now, and I will not go to a different school until I graduate from 8th grade.

About addy or lune:age 13, gender f, social but can be shy.
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November 25, 2016 | North America: Canada

I Used the R-word

By van loon,simeon

My dad heard me, so for the next two hours, he was talking to me about people with intellectual disabilities.View Story ▼My dad has been working with people with intellectual disabilities since or longer than i was born. So, I said "You're retarded, Eugene," and my dad heard it, so for the next two hours, he was talking to me about people with intellectual disabilities.

About van loon,simeon:im 13 i hate the r-word i accidentally punched someone cause that said "person" said the r-word
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November 23, 2016 | North America: Iowa

Aunt Marge

By Megan Enos

Megan Enos

She was so sweet and caring, but she taught us good life lessons and respect for everyoneView Story ▼We met when I was only 7 years old when we moved to our new house. She was so sweet and caring, but she taught us good life lessons and respect for everyone even people that we didn't understand when we were younger. I have gotten to know her for the last 8-9 years of my life, and she has always made a difference in how I look at people. People are beautiful and being you is even more beautiful. Stop making life a maze and open the path to other people we are all beautiful. We are all unique butterflies with different wings that lead us on different adventures. Marge has made my life and how I look at life great. She may be deaf, color blind, and physically disabled through her leg, but she will always be my family. She has made my family better at being kind and I thank her for that. We are all can be better people, but for some of us we just need a reason. Well here's your reason there is probably someone near you that only has 3 friends, and you should be their fourth friend.

About Megan Enos:I am a 16 year old sophomore student, I have two younger sisters named Katelynn and Nicole. I have a dog named buddy and 2 amazing parents who have raised me as kind and generous person.
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  • I have worked at a special needs camp for the last 3 years so ending this word is something that i take pride in.


    Marshall, Missouri
    558 hours ago

  • I pledge to stand for disability rights, see the ability, and give a voice to the voiceless.

    Eve Lampugnale

    Marlborough, Connecticut
    585 hours ago

  • Having a daughter who teaches Special Education in our local high school, the "R" word is a No, No!

    Sandra Farris

    Cuba, Missouri
    644 hours ago

  • It kills me when someone is talking to me and says the word. My friends know not to say it by me. Make a difference!


    Dolgner, Illinois
    683 hours ago

  • I pledge to challenge my classmates when I hear the word used and show the world that not all teenagers follow the crowd.

    Emma Hattersley

    Brighton, United Kingdom
    777 hours ago

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